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Commemorative plate

Commemorative plate

Welcome to the Torridge Methodist Circuit website. On October 9th at Lake Chapel the Torridge Circuit celebrated the Bi-Centenary of the birth of the Bible Christian movement at Lake Farmhouse, Shebbear.

On this website you can find something about the origins of the Shebbear Circuit and many testimonies to show that sparks of revival in Cornwall crossed the Tamar and are crossing the Tamar again!

Together, as the new, larger, Torridge Circuit, we are seeking to  build confidently on the work that God is already doing amongst us.

Methodist people are linked together in a “Connexion” of churches, circuits and districts. the connexion is a new print magazine for the Methodist people. The third issue came out in September.

The first issue has a primary theme of evangelism (the ‘e-word’).  The second took Chaplaincy as a theme and uses our own District as an example of the diverse roles played by Chaplains.  We have Andy Jerrard acting as a Market Chaplaincy Co-ordinator in the agricultural markets in Devon.

The magazine has been produced in response to calls from many Methodists for improved communications and more news about what is happening across the Connexion.

If you have any comments about the magazine, positive or negative, please do let the Editor, Gareth Hill, know. He would welcome ideas for stories and articles.


We hope there will be much on this website to interest, challenge and inspire:-

  • particularly people with questions about the Christian faith, or the Methodist heritage;
  • our members, as they get to know and work with each other (check the list of Churches/Chapels);
  • people from other traditions and denominations, or none, who are sharing the Christian journey – a life of love in action and a quest for justice for the poor, the weak, the vulnerable – a “magnificent obsession” as Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, might describe it. (Magnificent Obsession is the title of her new book!)

On this website you can discover details about our Ministers, our Circuit Stewards, our Churches/Chapels and find a copy of the latest quarterly Preaching Plan. The “About us” page indicates the range of material on this website, as do the tabs “Christians”, “Mission & Ministries“,  “Our Heritage”, and “Our Future”, across the top bar.  Local events will be found in the current Circuit Newsletter.

If you have ideas  or photos for improving the website these would be welcomed  through the Contact Us page.